Big Sized Ring is made of Carbon steel is generally the lowest cost option for steel. Depending on the grade, you can have carbon steels that are hard-able through quench and tempering, but you cannot achieve the super high strength of stainless steels. Carbon steel grades are commonly used if applications don’t require high strength or high-temperature environments.

We kept this in mind when fabricated low carbon steel rings for oil and gas pipeline systems at the request of a customer. Used in high and low-temperature applications, these rings were components of internal sleeves and applied on custom tapered pipe fittings for internally coated pipeline systems. We used a series of processes and our open back incline presses to fabricate the low Big Sized Ring carbon steel rings. The rings were slit and cold drawn, sheared, bevelled and chamfered, stamped, rolled with custom ring rollers, ground, and resistance spot and stud welded

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